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What is Bluelight?

Bluelight ( is an international message board that educates the public about responsible drug use (with a focus on MDMA) by promoting free discussion. We advocate harm reduction and attempt to eliminate misinformation. Bluelight is funded by private donations and maintained by a team of volunteers.

Bluelight does not condone or condemn the use of illegal drugs. Bluelight is a place for people to ask questions and educate themselves about drugs so they can make more informed decisions regarding their personal use. Other programs that advocate complete abstinence have had limited success, so Bluelight anticipates that people will continue to use illegal drugs regardless of the potential health or legal consequences. We want to encourage people to take personal responsibility for the choices they make regarding their drug consumption.

Harm reduction is the practice of taking reasonable measures to minimize the risks from drug use. Common harm reduction activities include encouraging people to exercise moderation in their drug consumption and to understand the purity, dose and effects of the drug they are consuming. There is no such thing as safe drug use, but if someone is educated in the general principles of harm reduction, they increase the odds that their drug use will not lead to short-term disasters or long-term negative consequences.

Beyond harm reduction, Bluelight also seeks to educate the public about drugs by summarizing whatever information is known about a subject. Bluelight aims to deliver accurate information in an easy to understand manner that emphasizes safety. We also try to eliminate misinformation whether it exaggerates or understates the danger. If facts are unavailable, then honest anecdotal stories can provide useful information so people have an idea of what to expect.

Since Bluelight seeks to reach the widest possible audience, we take a balanced approach that allows the discussion of both the positive and negative aspects of drug use. We believe that education and harm reduction are more effective than using scare tactics or exaggerating negative claims. Anyone looking through our site will be able to find examples of irresponsible behavior, but we believe it does not glorify recklessness but instead reinforces the idea that people need to be more cautious. Everyone is encouraged to candidly discuss past experiences and ask any questions they might have.

Information for New Members

Welcome to Bluelight! If you are looking for information about ecstasy or a variety of other drugs, you have come to the right place. You are definitely at the wrong website if you are trying to buy, sell or locate drugs! See the Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA)

Please remember that while Bluelight advocates harm reduction and attempts to eliminate misinformation, there is definitely no such thing as safe drug use. Bluelight does not condone or condemn drug use. We believe that accurate information and encouraging personal responsibility are more helpful than using scare tactics or distorting the truth. Bluelight gives you the opportunity to learn from your peers about drugs in an informal environment, but ultimately it is up to you to make your own decisions about drug use.

Bluelight contains a mixture of facts and anecdotal information, so please maintain a certain level of skepticism when viewing the answers and opinions of others. Someone might claim to be some sort of an expert, but there is no way to confirm such credentials through the Internet. Sometimes there will be no simple answers to your questions, so take the time to look deeper and when in doubt exercise caution. Use your own judgment when assessing other people's answers and understand that a little knowledge does not make someone invincible from the dangers of drugs.

Please remember that many different kinds of people are involved with this site and always try to be tolerant of others. Dozens of new people register at Bluelight on a daily basis. Respect the fact that everyone has different experience levels and always be considerate to those less knowledgeable than yourself. Do not insult naïve posters or deliberately feed them dangerous misinformation as a "joke." Bluelight acknowledges that it has distinctly different audiences, and that is why different forums exist to cater to the needs of each crowd. Please keep in mind that Bluelight is an international site and posters are scattered across a variety of countries and at least five continents. Never attack someone because of age differences, lack of familiarity with English or cultural differences. If a poster feels they are being harassed or treated unfairly, they are encouraged to ask the moderators for help.

Finally, by accessing Bluelight you agree to abide by the rules listed in the Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA). Some forums have additional rules, so please read the appropriate announcements before posting in a forum for the first time. The administrators will actively enforce the rules to protect this site as well as the other people who post at it. This site is definitely monitored by police in some parts of the world, so assume that Bluelight is monitored by law enforcement agencies in your country of residence. Anything you reveal about yourself on Bluelight might have severe personal consequences. Please use common sense and do not incriminate yourself.

Enjoy your time at Bluelight!!!

Information for Press

Bluelight ( is an international message board that educates the public about responsible drug use by promoting free discussion.

Bluelight's purpose is to promote open drug discussion while encouraging harm reduction and eliminating misinformation. Bluelight wants to reach the widest possible audience, so we remain completely open to the public as long as they do not violate the basic rules described in the Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA). There is a constant circulation of people coming and going from our site. Thousands of new posts are made each week. Because we accept everyone and do not believe in overzealous censorship, we have an imperfect situation where it can be difficult to maintain quality control. Amongst all those posts and all those people, there will be isolated incidents and certain discussions that are not congruent with the overall purpose of Bluelight.

Bluelight's goal is to find the middle ground between the fairly inaccessible published literature and the misinformation that abounds in street level drug culture. Bluelight does not claim to be a scientifically or medically rigorous site where each post is scrutinized for accuracy. Please keep in mind that the consumption of new or exotic recreational drugs can start years before any scientific/medical studies can be attempted. In the absence of any controlled studies, the discussion at Bluelight provides a chance for people to share information with each other. Otherwise, people might be forced to rely on the lies and misinformation from drug dealers who are motivated by profit and not the consumer's safety. Bluelight targets the average recreational drug user whose life does not revolve around drugs and who does not wish to become a preeminent expert on the subject. Bluelight can effectively give these people a basic level of understanding that increases their safety and helps them avoid catastrophic problems.

Bluelight is one of only a handful of places where this sort of open drug discussion is possible. Everyone working to maintain this site is an uncompensated volunteer and our operating budget is limited to the private donations that pay our server costs. While it is clear that some of the people who visit Bluelight eschew safety and only wish to maximize the intensity and duration of their inebriation, that does not invalidate all the people who accept personal responsibility and embrace the basic principles of harm reduction. It is not fair to let the prurient misbehavior of a small minority receive more attention than the positive work done to increase the safety of the majority.

If you are a journalist considering mentioning Bluelight in a story, please contact the admins with any questions you might have. It would not be a challenge for a member of the press to pick through the site and find examples of ignorance or reckless behavior, but we encourage you to look deeper and find the genuine attempts made by Bluelight to educate the public and support harm reduction. We would also appreciate the opportunity to clarify our goals and respond to any negative criticism you might have of our site.

Information for Parents

The prevalence of drug experimentation by adolescents suggests that abstinence ("just say no") does not always work. In addition to simple peer pressure, young adults frequently have some innate level of curiosity about drugs. Your initial reaction to the possibility of your child using drugs might be shock or disappointment, but please keep in mind that some level of experimentation is fairly common regardless of background or upbringing. All people who use drugs do not end up as addicts living on the streets. Drug use is just a phase for some people, and after learning a little about who they are or having some fun, they go forward and lead a "normal" life.

Most responsible drug users acknowledge that their behavior will potentially cause negative health or legal consequences. While there is no such thing as safe drug use, there are reasonable measures one can take to reduce the damage or mitigate some of the risks. Bluelight helps educate the public about recreational drugs while advocating harm reduction. For lack of a better analogy, encouraging harm reduction with drugs would be similar to suggesting the use of condoms for sexual intercourse.

Many parents visit Bluelight with the hope of figuring out how to have the big "drug talk" with their child. Depending on your own level of familiarity or history with drugs, you might not understand the basic facts and would have a difficult time knowing what to tell your child. Use the information at Bluelight to become familiar with what drugs are popular and what your child's peers are doing. Understand the simple things that help keep people safe. Most damage comes from people taking drugs too often, at too high a dose and in dangerous mixtures. Teach your kids that drug dealers are typically more concerned with profit than the safety of their clientele. Understand the dangers so you can warn your child of the risks involved with recreational drug use.

If your child is already using drugs, it is still not too late to try to help them modify their behavior. Do not ignore the circumstances and allow your child to discover the consequences by trial and error. Advocating harm reduction might be the best way to educate your child about drugs. Let them know you are concerned about their safety and keep the lines of communication open. If your child is already having serious consequences because of their drug use, you can find help and support in forums such as The Dark Side, Healthy Living and Legal Discussion. While plenty of people experiment with illicit substances and avoid significant negative consequences, as a parent it is very fair for you to be concerned about your child. The outcome might depend on how proactively you approach the situation.

Information for Law Enforcement

Bluelight exists for the purpose of educating the public and advocating the use of harm reduction strategies by recreational drug users. Bluelight is not a place for people to buy, sell or locate drugs! We rigorously enforce the Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA) and make a diligent attempt to correct any violations as quickly as possible. We do not want to encourage criminal behavior. The purpose of Bluelight is to help people who already intend to use drugs to be "safer" drug users, not "better" drug users. We encourage personal accountability and want people to be aware of the risks of their behavior.

Bluelight is an international message board with most of its posters residing in North America, Australia or Europe. The administrative team is comprised of six people who live in four different countries and three separate continents. Our complete staff includes people from at least a dozen different countries and four continents. Most importantly, we have posters from all over the world. In some places, local authorities cooperate with Bluelighters to clean up the conditions at "raves" and assist with pill testing efforts.

Except for the topics forbidden by the Bluelight User Agreement, Bluelight allows a wide scope of discussion and there will be some topics that appear to actively contradict our stated goals. In our attempts to remain unbiased, however, we allow people to discuss the negative and positive aspects of recreational drug use. It must be emphasized that Bluelight does not condemn or condone drug use and allowing certain activities to be discussed is not a stamp of approval. We want to create an accurate view of drug use, so we let people openly describe their experiences with a minimum of censorship.

Many people participate at Bluelight in the hopes that they can educate themselves about safe drug use in an anonymous manner. We respect the privacy of our posters and will never share any information that could reveal their identity. We caution our posters to remain discreet and keep their discussions vague. If posters choose to provide photos or reveal personal information, that is their own decision and they do so at their own risk. We do not deny the existence of shadowy websites involved in the trafficking of drugs on the Internet, but authorities would honestly be wasting their time looking for such behavior at Bluelight. Bluelight has a favorable relationship with law enforcement in certain parts of the world and welcomes additional positive cooperation. If you are a member of law enforcement or represent a community outreach program, please feel free to contact the admins to discuss new ideas.

Technical information about Bluelight

Bluelight uses three UNIX servers, hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The forum runs on vBulletin with plugins and custom modifications. Additional features include Blogs and CMS modules. Bluelight also generously provides a dedicated server for